Problem Skin? You Are not Alone!


If you have problem skin, don’t be disheartened. Most teens get a pimple or two. But they always seem to come at the wrong time--before an important date! Or on the wrong place-like right on the tip of your nose! The most important thing is keeping your face clean, don’t put dirty hands on your face, and try not to pick your zits too much. If your skin is really bad, try to get your parents to take you to a dermatologist.

If that is out of the question, try acne remedies from your local drugstore--including cleansers and pads, or a good product sold on-line. 

The best facial masks on this site for you would be honey, strawberry and tomato. Test your skin first. See page one of this site. Never put something on your skin that you are allergic to. Use your brain!  Rinse super well when are through and then use a very mild liquid cleanser. Also use these masks only once in a while, every week or so. Don’t overdo, you could make the problem worse by irritating, instead of helping your skin.

Most of all remember...You are beautiful just the way you are!

Good Skin Habits Should Start Early!