HONEY Facial Masks


Honey’s Skin Benefits

Most people really like the silky texture and sweet aroma of honey. Did you know it is great for your skin? Honey is known for its antiseptic benefits and it contains anti-aging vitamins that help counteract the effects of sun exposure, pollution and dry climates.

The combination of C, D  and E vitamins plus minerals help skin stay moisturized, smooth and glowing. A little honey and a drop or two of egg white is nice simple mask for firming skin. Just mix, apply and rinse in 15 minutes.

Sweetly Mild Honey Cleanser

Mix 1⁄4 cup honey, 1 tablespoon mild facial liquid soap and 1⁄2 cup glycerin (found in drug stores). Apply gently on to face using a face sponge. Rinse with warm water and pat face dry.

Try “Weary Skin” Mask After a Nutty Week!

Massage this gently on skin.

Wait 15 minutes and rinse.

6 oz plain yogurt

¼ oz finely-crushed almonds

2tsp honey

2 tsp wheat germ oil.

Try a few different masks, eventually you will find the one that will be your go-to skin fix!

Please be good to yourself and make time for you!


Sweet Benefits

  1. 1.Radiance

  2. 2.Anti-aging

  3. 3.Moisturizes

  4. 4.Cleanses

  5. 5.Minor Acne

Honey, Honey, Helps Youth Stick Around!


Honey is a mixture of plant nectar and bee enzymes. Honey offers vitamins C, D, and E plus some minerals. Massage plain honey on your skin and neck and rinse for wonderful results. Rinse in 10 minutes of course!