Moisturize Skin

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Dry skin is most prone to lines and wrinkles. As your age over cleansing your skin with harsh ingredients is a no-no. Foaming cleansers are fine, but use a very, very mild one. Use creamy cleansers from time to time as well. And always moisturize! Protect your face from the sun! Sun damage is the number one cause of aging skin.

Spend some time learning about skin care products and find what is right for you. Most women today are busy and work hard--you deserve to take care of yourself. You’ve earned it!! If you need to skimp, skimp on non-essentials, not skin care!

Take a mixed approach. Use natural ingredients to supplement those products you buy on-line, at your drugstore or department store beauty counter. Get into your skin. You’ll be glad you did and the results will show in the mirror!

Some herbs and essential oils are excellent moisturizers as are ingredients such as avocado and yogurt. Moisturizers not only make your skin soft and supple, but also reduce water loss from the epidermis.

Every once in a while cleanse your face with olive oil--apply just a little and remove with a slightly warm washcloth.

You can make your own moisturizer with half glycerin and half water with a drop or two of an essential herbal oil if you like.

Avocado, banana,  yogurt, olive oil, honey  and cucumber masks on  pages by ingredient type will be best for you if you have dry skin.

Never use bar soap on mature dry facial skin!


  1. 1.vitamin E

  2. 2.avocado

  3. 3.glycerin

  4. 4.yogurt

  5. 5.banana

  6. 6.Olive oil

There are a lot of products in your home that you can use to moisturize your skin naturally. Click through this site to learn how.

Skin needs to be hydrated.