Homemade Tan/Bronzing Lotion For Body Only


In a pinch, you can make a bronzer at home to keep your legs and arms from being ghostly white for that mid summer party!

Here is a homemade recipe that I came up with. It worked fine for me.  However, everyone’s skin is different, so be aware of your own skin’s sensitivity or allergies.  I used this on my arms and legs only, not my face and would only recommend this for legs and arms-and for temporary use—a day or two when having a little color really matters-- not every day.

All you need are a few tea bags, a mix of plain black tea and orange pekoe work best.

1. Make a super duper strong cup of tea with three tea bags, let the bags sit for a good 4 minutes.

2.Then, put the cup of tea in a non-reactive pan, stainless steel or enamel. Reduce it on a slow simmer until you have about two tablespoons of thick brown syrupy liquid.

3. Blend with a few tablespoon of plain body lotion and voila—there you have it!

  1. 4.Lightly rub on your legs and arms. Let dry and reapply. Remember tea contains caffeine so don’t over do. Caffeine has been used for years in anti-cellulite creams, so you get an added benefit there too. 

Test yourself for allergies first with 24-hour skin patch test.  Use within 48 hours. Anytime you make a homemade skin care product it should be used quickly due to spoilage.