Tips for tired eyes...Get Refreshed!


Drink plenty of water every day.

Eight hours of sleep is a must.

Watch your sodium intake. Reduce alcohol consumption. Eat vegetables/fruits with high water content like melon, cucumber, celery. Avoid processed foods and fast food. Take your lunch to work if you have to.

Avoid eye too many hours before the computer. Your eyes need to rest, too--not only when you sleep!

Don't leave heavy facial creams on the skin around the eyes for long periods. Heavy creams can make eyes puffy. Remove the cream applied around the eye after 10 min. If you have puffy eyes, only use creams made specifically for around the eyes for long periods.

Relax and cover eyelids with slices of raw potato or cucumber for 15-20 minutes!

Put warm and and cold cloths alternatively under or on the eyes for 10 minutes. This really works wonders!

Raise the head of your bed at night. Sleep face up with a pillow under your head. Never face down! This keeps fluids from accumulating around your eyes as you sleep.

Place a bag of frozen vegetables in a thin cloth. Place over closed eyes for a few minutes and keep your head upright.

Place damp tea bags over eyes for about 20 minutes. Chamomile tea is good because it has anti-inflammatory properties. However if you have allergies to pollen do not do this!!!  Use regular black or orange pekoe tea, instead. They are great too and contain tannins that help reduce puffiness.

Make ice cubes out of green tea and gently pat around the eye area for a minute or two. Then put the cubes in a thin damp wash cloth and rest them on your eyes for a few minutes.

Apply vitamin E or olive oil for 10 minutes or so before you wash your face with mild cleanser.

Apply a cool tap water compress to the skin under your eyes for about 15 minutes.

Drink lemon water to flush toxins out of your body! This will help reduce puffiness around the eyes.